Developing ideas for an Honors ProjectWe have posted a list of honors projects completed by math majors over the past several years. The list also shows the faculty advisor so you can see who's been involved with honors projects, and in what areas of mathematics.

In addition, some of our faculty members have posted ideas that are suitable for honors projects (and other less demanding projects).

If something related to these seems to interest you, then contact the faculty member Annotated Sample Research Proposal: Process and Product research on the foundational mathematical knowledge and skills needed for modeling with..

This list also gives you an idea of the sorts of things some faculty are interested in. Of course, feel free to approach other faculty with ideas as well.

You can also learn more about faculty research interests by visiting the faculty web pages. By the second semester of the junior year, students planning honors usually begin to develop an interest in some broad area (such as analysis or algebra), or have found a faculty member whom they've particularly enjoyed and might like to work with.

At that stage, the student approaches a faculty member for recommendations about a project advisor (if this faculty member isn't the right one), suggestions about possible projects, and some reading to get started.

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Work done at such a program can often be continued at WU into the senior year to form an honors project.

(A project or paper completed at an REU is not, by itself, sufficient for a Latin Honors project 18 Sep 2014 - These guidelines are intended for students writing a thesis or project report for a Third Year Project Course, Honours year or Postgraduate .

A recommendation for Latin Honors would require a significant amount of additional work on the project being done at Washington University with one of our faculty. Applications deadlines for REU's vary but are usually early in the spring semester.

Strong majors can also considering apply to the Department's ARTU Program; the latest possible application for this program is very early in the junior year (see details on the ARTU Program webpage) The purpose of writing a thesis proposal is to demonstrate that feedback loops, and bifurcations: this can include chemical or mathematical equations;; a flow .

Suggested Calendar Guidelines for Honors Projects (for May graduates)The only hard and fast deadlines are those for declaring candidacy and the date set by the College for completing all honors work; this varies slightly from year to year but is usually during the last week of March. However, following the "schedule" below will let the whole process flow more smoothly and with less last-minute stress.

Honors candidates planning a graduation in August or December should talk with Dr. Broadly speaking, the student should simply plan on shifting the calendar guidelines accordingly to allow similar amounts of time for planning, writing, etc.

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This will allow time to collect information and perhaps do some summer reading so you can "hit the ground running" in the fall semester.

You might also use the summer to become familiar with and practice using TeX 2 Oct 2013 - Writing the Thesis/Dissertation. Proposal: Science, Technology, Engineering, and. Mathematics (STEM). Floyd Del McDaniel-Regents .

C) By the end of January, you should be able to give your advisor a draft abstract and outline of the paper. A rough draft, including an abstract, should be given to the advisor by the end of February.

The target should be to have everything completed by mid-March Preparing your research proposal at City University London. School of Mathematics, Computer Science & Engineering Writing your research proposal.

E) You and your advisor should agree on when you will complete your writing, and on a date/time for the oral presentation in mid-March. Blake Thornton who will locate an available room and set up a committee to hear the presentation. Thornton at least two days before the oral presentation so that copies can be distributed ahead of time to any faculty who will be attending the oral presentation.

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If scheduled enough in advance, the talk will also be listed on the Department's Events List for any interested faculty or graduate students Arts & Sciences mathematics majors who want to be candidates for Latin Honors, Distinction or Highest Distinction should fill out a Proposal for Admission to Writing an honors thesis involves a considerable amount of independent work, .

F) (Optional) Each spring the Office of Undergraduate Research publishes Washington University Senior Honors Thesis Abstracts (WUSHTA).

Any major writing an honors thesis is welcome to submit an abstract for inclusion.

These must be submitted This abstract should be written as a MS Word documents--so fancy symbols can't be included--and should follow the format for an abstract indicated on the WUSHTA web page 13 May 2010 - writing process. The reviewing process. Writing a Research Paper in Mathematics. Melina Freitag. Department of Mathematical Sciences..

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Academic CreditsWith faculty permission, a student can earn credit for work on the honors project by registering for L24-499 (Study for Honors), but enrollment in 499 is not required. Note that at most one (3-unit) independent study such as Study for Honors can count toward the fulfillment of major requirements.

Very rarely, the department may waive the completion of an honors thesis in considering candidates for High or Highest Distinction. This may be considered only at the discretion of the Undergraduate Committee and only for students having an extremely distinguished record that goes well beyond coursework requirement for the Distinction awards.

Such students, in addition, usually have published original mathematical work or completed other comparable creative mathematical projects 3 Feb 2012 - How to write a good (maths) Ph.D. thesis. Melina A Freitag. Department of Mathematical Sciences. University of Bath. Postgraduate Away Day..